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Schoenenbourg Grand Cru

Schoenenbourg Grand Cru is located just north of Riquewihr on a hillside which spans 265 to 380 meters in altitude. This hillside is rather steep and the soil contains all the best minerals for fine wine production such as Mercia mudstone, dolomite rocks and gypsum, all of which supplies our vines with ampule fertilization and water retention in the soil. The terrain is made up of atypically Quaternary-period layers and Vosges which contains sandstone, silt pebbles and shell bearing limestone, artifacts from the period that the region was under the sea. In 1633, the well-known Swiss cartographer Matthäus Merian wrote, “Schoenenbourg, where grows the most noble wine of this country…”. The Schoenenbourg Grand Cru produces the world’s best Riesling and is also very notable for growing Muscat and Pinot Gris grapes.


Grand Cru

Sporen Grande Cru is located just to the south of our beautiful Riquewirh. Sporen has a natural altitude of 275 meters and the valley is slightly sloping downwards toward the North. The terrain is from the Jurassic period and presents a clay leaden soil and decalcified surface layer which is exceptionally rich in phosphoric acid, all of which provides rapid ripening of the fruit which is a sign of high-quality yields. The soil has a time proven quality even in times of drought, the soil here is deep and allows the roots of the vines to search deep in the earth for water and resources. These artifacts of the terrain factor into the wines complexities and provide a distinct flavor while allowing for sufficient aging potential of the wine.

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